100% Handmade High Quality Masai & Swarovski Beaded Sandals

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Maasai are also well known for their stunning beadwork which comes in a variety of bright and beautiful beading patterns. Traditionally the patterns are determined by different age-sets and are for identification purposes.

The Maasai beadwork proficiency sees the production of colourful and attractive cultural dress and adornments. The popular Maasai sandals are exotic and tastefully designed. Mawoko’s exquisite designs capture the essence of Maasai beading creativity combined with inspiration and the elegance of the dazzling Swarovski crystal beads. The high quality Swarovski crystals are made in Austria and are the finest products of their kind. Here at Mawoko authenticity meets and style, creating extraordinary handmade designer sandals.


100% Handmade High quality Masai & Swarovski beaded sandals, brings out the beauty in your feet, makes you feel comfortable and classy.

100% Handmade in Tanzania

Hand beaded with Czech Seed Beads

Embellished with Swarovski Crystals

Rubber sole

Suede lined

Made with natural Tanzanian leather