• "I have purchased many dolls from this company, l love their mission and the dolls are a work of art "
  • “There’s just something vintage, boho, and fabulous about the countless woven bags, and you for one cannot get enough of them"
  • “The woven bags always easily goes well for any occasion, and hence won’t give you trouble matching it with your wardrobe's favorites”
  • “I love this company and how they empower women. The handmade masterpieces symbolize their tradition, culture, and customs, which they are passing onto their future generations through crocheting, beading and weaving”
  • “In their millennial reincarnation as stylish accessories, these woven bags strike the balance between quaint and fresh, natural and naughty”

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Every Purchase Supports a Woman and Preserves Our Traditional Artisan Skills

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Our Store-Online Only