About Us



My name is Vimbai Madya, an avid designer by choice and entrepreneur (almost) by chance.


On 4 January 2014, l escaped from an abusive relationship and fled to Tanzania with my then 6 month old daughter. We travelled for 4 days by bus and started our lives afresh from nothing. I wanted to give my daughter a chance at life.  Living in Tanzania made me realize that women from all walks of life deal with similar problems of heartaches and sometimes abuse. What set Tanzanian women apart is their display of happiness and joy no matter what they were going through, they consciously chose to be joyful every single day. It is from this experience that l learnt to let go of my anger and bitterness.


I am passionate about handmade products and authentic designs. As I unveil my very own brand, I bring to the world the story of women, as told by the incredible work of their gifted hands. 

I am an African woman from the Southern part of the continent and my exposure to East and West Africa and my travel across the world compliments and deepens my creativity.


I present to you joy, towering pride and rich identities through art and craft. My pieces are joy pieces to enable you to share in the beauty and treasures from the heart of women across the globe. 


Thank you so much for all your help and support. We look forward to continuing to share our joy with you and we appreciate you telling the world.