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On 4 January 2014, l escaped from an abusive relationship and fled to Tanzania with my then 6 months old daughter. We travelled for 4 days by bus and started our lives afresh from nothing. I wanted to give my daughter a chance at life. Once in Tanzania l realized that a lot of women experience abuse at some point but choose to stay because they have no means to take care of themselves. With time l also realized abuse knows no educational level, race, or culture. What set Tanzanian women apart is their display of happiness and joy no matter what they were going through, they consciously chose to be joyful every single day. It is from this experience that l learnt to let go of my anger and bitterness.
The more l spoke to other women, the more l was convicted to start this brand to empower other women and potentially save a life by giving them the courage to stand up on their own if need be. Financial independence of women is giving them a voice to stand on their own and this voice is powerful in saving lives lost through domestic abuse. During the past 2 years we have empowered over 300 women, facilitated training and skills transfer, and have given hope to vulnerable women. We bring to the world the story of women, as told by the incredible work of their gifted hands. We tell these stories to the world through our brand, and we can see smiles and positive change in women across Africa and beyond.

We also take pride in working with the women prisoners from Zimbabwe because the hand knitting projects do play a major role in their rehabilitation. Most prisoners often find it difficult to integrate back into society once they are released. Often no one wants to employ them because of their past record and lack of means usually force them to reoffend and go back to prison. Hence, the hand knitting projects provide them with a source of income thereby keeping them occupied which in turn helps reduce crime rates in Manicaland where they come from.

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Handcrafted With Love in Tanzania

Our artisans often make great friends. They find in each other a happy space, a community where they are free to share ideas, where they sympathize, with and encourage each other which helps fight prevalent mental illnesses like depression that affect many women these days.

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